Murdochin murhamysteerit A Merry Murdoch Christmas (2015)

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Murdochin murhamysteerit A Merry Murdoch Christmas (2015)
Opis: At a Christmas party, the police find the body of Alistair McGowan, a rich businessman renowned for his generosity for giving at Christmas-time. The investigation quickly reveals that McGowan wasn't quite the philanthropist he made himself out to be - the Christmas gifts for the children, now missing, were usually paid for by reducing his employees' wages, something his work force resented. Mrs. McGowan points the finger at her husband's business rival Cyrus Lynch, who is now missing. The police find some of the missing presents and an old gentleman with a long white beard who says he's Kris Kringle. With rumors that a mythical creature, The Krampus, is lurking in the woods, the solution to the murder is found much closer to home. —gaykmcd
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