My Boyfriends' Dogs (2014)

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My Boyfriends' Dogs (2014)
Opis: One rainy evening, a rain soaked, wedding gown attired young woman with three dogs takes refuge in a diner just about to close. The husband and wife diner owners, Louie and Nikki, intrigued by the sight, inquire about the young woman's situation. Bailey Daley, the young woman, goes about telling them her story: how she acquired the three dogs - Adam, a flirtatious golden retriever, Eve, a high strung dalmatian, and Shirley, a princess of a shih tzu - and why she is in a wedding gown in the rain. Bailey, a high school English literature teacher, did not date for quite some time, instead focusing on her succession of dogs, Howie the beagle, her most recent who recently passed and who was the love of her life. Spurred by buying a house which she figures is for "two" and supported by her loved ones including her widowed mother Dina and her BFF and fellow teacher Amber, Bailey embarked on a series of relationships trying to be what she thought her respective boyfriend at the time wanted, in the process not being true to herself. And what she ultimately could not tolerate in boyfriend material she respects in the three dogs, who she acquired in one way or another from those boyfriends and whose personalities largely match that of their respective former male owner. With a little help from Nikki and Louie, Bailey may come to some understandings about her love life and to see that what she really wants may be standing right in front of her.—Huggo
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