My One & Only (2019)

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My One & Only (2019)
Opis: Stephanie is the type of woman who does not put herself out there in the fear of rejection or the worst happening. That's why her bosses at the Los Angeles job recruitment firm where she works are interviewing for the open vice-president position, which she thought was hers. That's why she didn't fight for the relationship with her ex-boyfriend Matt, who has just announced his engagement to someone else. And that's why she tells the show's head producer Donna that she wouldn't be right to appear on The Only, a reality dating show where her friend Lisa, who works for Donna, signed her up to be in the running as the "bachelorette" for this upcoming season. It is largely because Stephanie doesn't believe in the fairy-tale of finding love on such a show that Donna offers her the role for this season. Lisa is able to convince Stephanie to take the role if only for remote possibility of love - which can only happen if Stephanie opens herself up to the possibility - and to have a two week vacation, this season which is to be shot at Aurora, a resort ranch in Wyoming, Stephanie who is a country girl at heart. It isn't until she arrives at the ranch that she meets this season's bachelor, Oliver, with who there is at least an immediate physical attraction. What makes the situation worse is that their scheduled dates will include not only Donna, Lisa and the rolling camera, but a guide in the form of Alex, the ranch owner's son with who she had an initial antagonistic encounter if only because of their assumptions of the other solely on being a city girl and a country boy. While Stephanie has difficulties in truly opening herself up, she seems to be able to see romance in and for others in this situation, while she cannot be able to see that someone may be falling in love with her. Who can see what is happening is Donna, who, as a producer with some acumen, may shift the nature of the season to make for good television.—Huggo
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