My Piece of the Pie (2011)

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My Piece of the Pie (2011)
Opis: France, a middle-aged divorcée, has just been laid off after 20 years at the same shipping company. She takes an overdose of pills but is rushed to hospital and makes a complete recovery. Desperate for employment to support her three children, she moves to Paris where she connects with Ahmed, the father of a former co-worker. France pretends to be a low-skilled immigrant to find menial work, but is then offered the chance to be the housekeeper for Stéphane, a wealthy French banker who has returned to Paris after 10 years in London. The relationship between the pair is initially tense, but he eventually warms to her, especially after she proves herself an adept hand at taking care of his son for a month, an extra duty for which she is paid EUR200 a day. The relationship between them turns amorous on a trip to London to meet with partners of Stéphane's firm.—Wiki
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