Naai Sekar Returns (2022)

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Naai Sekar Returns (2022)
Opis: In 1989, Natrajan, his wife, and his mother-in-law visit the Lord Bairava temple to request the lord for a child, since Natarajan and his wife have no children. Just then, a saint visits the temple in shelter from the storm. Natrajan and his family give him some prashadam (food offered to god) to eat. After hearing their story of having no child, he gifts them a dog, saying that it is not an ordinary dog; it has powers that will solve their problems and give them wealth. The sayings of the saint became true: Natrajan's wife falls pregnant and gives birth to a male child, and Natrajan's family becomes rich through his lorry business. They name the dog Bhairavar.In the present day, Naai Sekar is a petty criminal who collects ransom money by kidnapping the dogs of the rich. While attempting to kidnap a rich man's dog, he accidentally kidnaps local rowdy Dass's dog. However, he manages to collect a ransom from Dass, but when Dass's henchmen find Sekar and his gang, they beat them. Sekar's gang struggles to escape from Dass; in the fight, Dass gets shot in the groin by Sekar. In fear of getting killed by Dass or his henchmen, they are planning to go to Kerala. Sekar's grandmother scolds them and tells him about his family's history.Soon after Sekar's birth, his family hired a servant named Meganathan alias Max to take care of Bhairavar. Max kidnaps the dog after learning about its good fortune from a drunk Natarajan. After losing the dog, their family's state became bad: Sekar's mother dies and Natarajan never came back from searching for his dog. So Sekar goes to Lala Palace in Hyderabad to get the dog from Max. Sekar discovers that Max is looking for a blind man to marry his sister Bobby. So he pretends to be blind to enter the palace and kidnap the dog. Eventually, he witnesses Max murdering his girlfriend Gora. He eventually passes Max's tests and earns his approval. He sets the wedding on Friday and requests him to invite all his friends and relations. He invites his two friends.Dass gets discharged from the hospital and finds out that Sekar is in Hyderabad from Surangani. Later, Sekar kidnaps his dog "Jackie" and is just about to escape when Max catches him. Sekar says that "Jackie" is his dog Bhairavar and he has come to take his dog. Max takes out his gun, but Bhairavar bites him on his hand, causing Sekar to take the gun and shoot Max in the same manner and spot he shot Dass. When the henchmen are about to attack Sekar, a police officer arrives at Lala Palace to arrest Sekar, but Sekar cleverly informs the police officer about Dass's and Max's crimes and has them arrested. Sekar then reunites with Bhairavar, and they both drive out of Lala Palace.
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