Nacional III (1982)

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Nacional III (1982)
Opis: After being forced to sell his palace, the Marquis of Leguineche moved to an apartment with his son Luis José, his faithful servants and Father Calvo. When the father of Luis José dies, leaving his entire fortune to Chus, the daughter of the Marquis, the Leguineche family go to Extremadura to attend the funerals and promote the reconciliation of the couple. Achieved this purpose, they sell their properties and returns to Madrid. Then begins an odyssey to evade paying taxes. After several failed attempts, they decide to do so, using the special train of pilgrims going to Lourdes. Achieved their goal, the Leguineche are installed in Biarritz, but the electoral victory of the French Socialist Party forces them to repeat the same operation, but this time towards Miami.—jsanchez
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