Namnam buknyeo (2003)

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Namnam buknyeo (2003)
Opis: In this romantic comedy, a playboy from Seoul falls in love with a beautiful stranger from North Korea. Can their love overcome this political difference?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Playboy Cheol-su is sent by his secondary school to Yangbian in China for a mission to excavate a historical artefact to fulfil his credit so that he may graduate. As he spends his time there, he notices many pretty girls, and finds himself free of his father's scold : "Yangbian is to graduate, not to flirt". As he's there, his tour guide, In-pyeong helps him find his way in a foreign land.One day, Cheol-su is lost at the park in where he sees a beautiful Korean girl. He demands that his tour guide find out who she is. This Korean girl finds him vulgar for staring at her, and looks away in disgust. Little did he know, they were to be in the same excavation party to look for the tombs. Her name is Yeong-hee.Yeong-hee's best friend, Hye-yeong, came with her, and and strange enough, she falls in love with the charismatic In-pyeong, the tour guide. As In-pyeong explains the situation to Hye-yeong that Cheol-su desires to court Yeong-hee. They plot many ideas for Cheol-su, but they cannot win Yeong-hee's intelligence.However, Cheol-su never gave up, and continued to try and win Yeong-hee's heart. His tour guide In-pyeong develops a seemingly a great idea that they could excavate is as soon as possible, before competitive Yeong-hee, and give her the credit, to win her heart. Yeong-hee finds Cheol-su even more repulsive for his petty attempts.On a night, both parties decide to sneak in at the digging site, and continue to search for the tombs. Racing each other in to the tunnel of the digging, suddenly the tunnel collapses and leaves them stuck inside, with only Hye-yeong and In-Pyong knowing.Inside, they continue to argue as to whose fault it was that they got stuck, and were soon dumbfounded, as they were obviously both incorrect. They apologize, and hope and wait for the rescue teams to find them. Suddenly, Yeong-hee realised that her shoes fell off when she fell running away from the collapsing tunnel.Cheol-su decides to look for the shoes, and Yeong-hee is touched by his efforts to help her feel more comfortable in a confined space with no security to which they can be rescued. Cheol-su fails to find her shoes, but he shares the story of Cinderella with Yeong-hee. (Ref: the lost glass slippers). Yeong-hee apologizes to Cheol-su, and realised that indeed she was also very harsh. Cheol-su acknowledges his mistakes as well.Soon, the rescue team
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