Natalia (1988)

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Natalia (1988)
Opis: 1940:A Polish immigrants' daughter,Natalia ,is a registered student in a dramatic art school in Paris.Her diction leaves something to be desired but she dreams of movie stardom.As she works as an extra for a famous director Paul Langlade's film, she tries ,by becoming his mistress,to make her dream come true.Her ambition knows no bounds: she refuses to see her parents ,she leaves her boyfriend, Tomazs ,a young intellectual,a Jew like herself.During French occupation , she gets false papers ,thanks to collaborationist journalists.While she is doing a film , a set photographer gives her away to the Gestapo.She is sent to a concentration camp .She survives,but when she is released, her parents and Tomazs are dead ,and she has become a woman in very poor health ,in search of her true identity.—dbdumonteil
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