Nightmare Weekend (1986)

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Nightmare Weekend (1986)
Opis: A brilliant professor invents a computer machine meant to better society by altering the behavior of its subjects. Also, there's a sometimes effect that turns things into weird, little metal balls that attack people, as one unfortunate burglar finds out. His shut-in daughter also uses the machine like a video game, either unaware or uncaring of its real world effects on nearby machinery. Lastly, his daughter has a puppet that either has an AI or is alive that helps her make decisions about life. In league with a mysterious man, the professor's psychotic assistant gets a hold of it and she manipulates it to warp people's minds and turn them into murderous weapons. She selects three young college girls as her victims and invites them up to the professor's house for a weekend of torture and diabolical experiments. Accompanying the young women, are a pair of local sleazy barflies who are looking to score with the college girls. Over the course of the weekend, sexy hijinks ensue all the while the college girls are subjected to the machine and its weird effects. Meanwhile, on a parallel course, the shut-in daughter contemplates losing her virginity after consulting with her puppet. —Wiki
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