Norway (2014)

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Norway (2014)
Opis: Utterly convinced that his already cold heart will fail if he stops dancing, the eternal creature of the night, Zano, sets foot on the perpetually grim Athenian metropolis. In search of a good time and an elusive warm-blooded female, Zano winds up in the dark realm of the notorious den of pariahs, Disco Zardoz, only to realise that this time, he's bitten off more than he can chew. More and more--amid a hostile netherworld cloaked with acrid smoke--unsuspecting Zano finds himself dragged deeper and deeper into the sinister machinations of unseen evil forces, as taciturn Scandinavian dope-dealers, cryptic femmes fatales, and even fellow bloodsuckers, all want something in return. Now, there's no turning back, and Zano has his back to the wall, up against a withered supercentenarian who claims to be Bram Stoker. Can love set free the vampiric party animal?—Nick Riganas
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