Nothing is Impossible (2022)

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Nothing is Impossible (2022)
Opis: Scott Beck was shoe-in for the NBA. Or so everyone thought. 20 years later he's a janitor at the old high school he once attended, having been passed over during the draft. He's still a legend there with the current team, but life and reality changed his plans. In the present day he's juggling a nagging landlady, tight finances, a frequently broken truck and an ill father. Everyday is the same and feeling bleak, until an old flame and new opportunity come into his life. Ryan Aikins, his high school sweetheart and former fiancé, is now the owner of the Knoxville Silver Knights, their hometown team. After firing two players for criminal and unethical behavior, the team is in desperate need of replacements but financial issues pose a problem to recruitment. Butting heads with Coach Banks, Ryan decides to hold open tryouts which brings Scott and Ryan back into each others worlds. Will the past Scott gave up on years before come back for a second chance with the sport and the woman he still loves? With God, nothing is impossible.—C. Lorz
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