One for All: The DJ Chris Villa Story (2023)

One for All: The DJ Chris Villa Story (2023)
Opis: Rising star DJ Chris Villa seeks redemption as he competes in the Red Bull 3Style World Championship (the "Olympics of DJ-ing") as one of 6 US Finalists. Most associate the DJ with the dark tantalizing world of nightclub culture. Drinking, drugs and sex are first among the vices we assume as part of the lifestyle. Enter DJ Chris Villa - the humble, soft-spoken husband and father of two who obliterates the stereotype while being driven by passion for the craft. Together with his staunchly supportive wife Terra, Chris sets an inspiring example for a successful relationship fraught with so many potential pitfalls. An incredible story unfolds as we follow Chris' rise from obscurity, growth of his immense talent, and perseverance through the challenges of marriage and fatherhood to create a winning set that could catapult him to superstardom. Preconceived notions will be shattered and barriers broken as the unifying power of music overcomes all. Chris shows why he's "One for All" as he lets the music do its magic and sets the stage for an explosive finale.—Vangelis Films
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