One, Two, Many (2008)

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One, Two, Many (2008)
Opis: John Melendez (shock jock Howard Stern's "Stuttering John", The Tonight Show With Jay Leno), produced, wrote and stars in this modern day romance between a guy, his girl and the girl he'd like to have join them in bed. This ultimate male fantasy becomes a cautionary tale of just how much can go wrong when dreams come true. Directed by Michael DeLorenzo (New York Undercover) and co-starring Bellamy Young (Dirty Sexy Money), Hudson Leick (CSI and Xena:Warrior Princess), and comic Jeffrey Ross, with memorable appearances by Mark Cuban (Dancing With The Stars) and JM J. Bullock (Kissing Jessica Stein) [D-Man2010]OK, so it's a National Lampoon production which can only mean three things: beer, breasts, and love. Love? Yes, that's ... Full Descriptionright. And while this sexed-up comedy starring Howard Stern's Stuttering John Melendez is full of all the booze and bosoms that are the hallmark of the company that brought us ANIMAL HOUSE, this is also the tale of one man's quest to find true love. He's looking for that perfect girl: one who is smart, affectionate, and, most importantly, willing to invite another hottie into the bedroom. Ahh yes, love indeed. [D-Man2010]
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