Phantom Punch (2008)

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Phantom Punch (2008)
Opis: "Before Tyson, There was Liston" www.phantompunchmovie.comSonny Liston, the controversial former world heavyweight boxing champion is brought back to vivid life by actor Ving Rhames in the Robert Townsend directed biopic Phantom Punch. From his discovery by a priest while serving time at the Missouri State Penitentiary to the infamous Phantom Punch by Cassius Clay which effectively ended his career, the movie spans the years from 1950 to his mysterious and untimely death in 1971. His run ins with racism, the mob and the law are all examined, as are his personal relationships with his wife and lover, as the film shares his triumphant and tragic story. From the lows of poverty and jail to the heights of a world championship, Phantom Punch provides audiences with a compelling portrait of the man behind the headlines.
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