Pilecki's Report (2023)

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Pilecki's Report (2023)
Opis: The film shows a possible version of events in the life of Captain Witold Pilecki. The film has biographical features. The presented version of events was not possible to present during the Polish People's Republic (PRL), i.e. in the years 1944-1989. The main character is interrogated and tortured in the prison on Rakowiecka Street in Warsaw by officers of the Security Office of the Polish People's Republic. During the interrogation, the captain talks about his activities during World War II, an important topic is his stay in the Konzentrationslager Auschwitz concentration camp. The film shows the situation during the war and after the official end of World War II in 1945. After 1945, Poland was a Soviet dictatorship. People like Witold Pilecki, who was a hero fighting for Poland's freedom (dangerous to the USSR dictatorship), should have been defamed and murdered according to the law. Comrade Cyrankiewicz and other comrades from Moscow could not let public opinion that Pilecki was, among others, organizer of the resistance movement in KL Auschwitz. The film shows that, according to the official, only correct opinion of the communist party, Comrade Cyrankiewicz led the resistance movement in the Nazi death camp. After torture and a scheduled trial, the hero is sentenced to death. He was murdered in 25 May 1948. The film shows, among other things, KL Auschwitz through the eyes of a Polish prisoner, an officer. The Warsaw Uprising, the security torture chambers.—pb-54329
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