Pinky Promise (2016)

7.6 10 104
Pinky Promise (2016)
Opis: A story of friendship between women who have different backgrounds and also the differences in age and their own personal twists. When Kartika Rahayu (Agni Pratistha) who was wounded and sad after being left by the fiancé who canceled their marriage. Kartika who was called Tika before thought that she was a strong woman but could not face the problem of his life at this time. So her aunt (Ira Maya Sopha) can finally force Tika to get out of her wounds and sadness and advise Tika to move to her house in order to move on from her past. Tika and Anind finally meet new people in their lives. They meet and know Ken (Dhea Seto) a dancer as well as a college blogger and Baby (Alexandra Gottardo) a model for adult men's magazines that are the savages of a thick-kneed masher.—wikipedia
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