PPP Loan Gone (2022)

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PPP Loan Gone (2022)
Opis: Jacob Stone (Ke'Juan Moses) gets caught up in a scheme by influence of his best friend Shaun Murray (Zephaniah Moore), to use falsified information to get approved for the ppp loan. Having the right intentions but going about it the wrong way, Jacob endeavors to get the ppp loan money to keep his girlfriend's Janelle (Brittany Culley) nail shop open and prove he is the man. At the same time, Shaun aides a gambling lord, Hitta (Hunnit K) in using the identities of all of those that owe in Hitta's books, to get approved for the loan so that they both can make a profit. Shaun in his greed, never realizes the FBI is tracking and trying to pin him down with the help of someone in his inner circle. Meanwhile Big Smoke (Alonzo Ross) and Dred (Steven Espinoza) are popular plugs that are indebted to the neighborhood bully Need Moe (Scott Moore) due to the bad quality of the product they got from him. In order to make a short deadline and keep their bodies in one piece, Big Smoke and Dred take the assistance of a ppp loan to help small businesses out of context, and work to get approved for the money to supply better product to the streets, allowing them to get out of debt and profit.
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