Primbon (2023)

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Primbon (2023)
Opis: It all started with Rana and his friend Janu embarking on a mountain climbing trip amidst unfavorable weather. In the midst of dense forest, they got separated and lost. Fortunately, Janu managed to make it back home eventually, but not Rana. A massive search operation was carried out, but Rana could not be found. A week had passed, and Rana's extended family decided to hold a prayer gathering (tahlilan) as they believed it was unlikely for Rana to have survived and assumed he had perished. However, Dini, as a mother, couldn't accept it. She refused to give up and continued to believe that her daughter Rana was still alive. And indeed, after the prayer gathering, Rana returned home in the pouring rain. Dini, her husband Banyu, and their youngest daughter Tari joyfully welcomed Rana's return. However, the larger family did not share the same joy. Living by the guidance of superstitions, they believed that the person who returned was not human. A conflict arose between Dini, who believed that the person who came back was indeed her daughter Rana, and the extended family. The only way to prove the truth was through a ruwat ceremony. Was Rana truly deceased? And who was the person who actually returned home?
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