Pumpkin Everything (2022)

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Pumpkin Everything (2022)
Opis: Philadelphia-based Amy Fox is still surprised by her writing success upon the release of the third in her vampire novel series, there much public anticipation for the book release tour. That tour is temporarily delayed when she returns to her hometown of Autumnboro VT upon news that her maternal grandfather Tom Adams has sustained an injury in an accident. The two have a complicated relationship with the love between them strained by he not giving his blessing on her writing career, he always expecting her to take over his business, a retail store called Pumpkin Everything. In turn, Amy, fifteen years ago, proverbially ran away from Autumnboro in the constraint she felt by her grandfather, and somewhat associated did not know how to help her best friend at the time Kit Parker losing his way in life following his mother's passing, the two who have lost touch with each other. Upon arriving home, Amy learns that: this accident is not Tom's first, demonstrating that he should be no longer be doing things for himself, either at the store or at home, something his independent self has been fighting tooth and nail; and Kit has not only been long hired as assistant manager at the store - Tom giving him a break when no one else in town would - but is living in Tom's guest house. Throw in Amy's mother Lillian Fox who has to deal with the legal aspects of Tom's latest accident while she manages her busy real estate career, Amy, Kit and Tom, in spending time together, may come to some hard fought realizations of what they want and need at this point in their lives.—Huggo
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