Pup-o, ma! (2018)

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Pup-o, ma! (2018)
Opis: U get wath u kiss Bica, Tica and Horica - three Romanian shepherds - want to leave their sheep flock for Wool Day and go to a village where is a kissing festival. According to an old local tradition if you chase a girl and kiss her on that specific day you get to marry her and legend says you get a long happy life beside the one you kissed. It should all be simple but the three shepherds reached their forties and never got to go in the village on Wool's Day because of their greedy boss who threatens to fire them if they leave the flock even for a minute. Chance is on their side when two hot city ladies crash their car right in the middle of the sheepfold. All the shepherds have to do now is to charm the girls and kiss them. Simple, right? Well not really because the ladies have no other intention but to leave that end of the world as soon as possible. There is a zombie involved in this, there is a gun, multiple fires, a dog, a stolen car and many other things that make the shepherds work like hell for that kiss which seems impossible to get. But is it?
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