Pyaar Ke Side Effects (2006)

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Pyaar Ke Side Effects (2006)
Opis: Sid (Rahul Bose) plays a short, thirty something DJ, who finds himself playing music at Trisha's (Mallika Sherawat's) marriage to Vivek (Jas Arora) in Delhi. However, he witnesses her fight her sense of responsibility and duty towards her parents and the groom, and runs away. Narayanan "Nanu" Iyer (Ranvir Shorey) is Sid's best friend. Shalini (Tarana Raja) is Sid's sister, married to Kapil (Aamir Bashir). Shalini and Kapil have typical married couple fights over trivial matters and Sid is a witness to all that..Nina Manuel (Sapna Bhavnani) was Nanu's girlfriend. She broke up with Nanu as he had a filthy habit of not taking baths or changing underwear for days. Now she is getting married to someone else. Nanu still loves Nina. Nanu runs a bar, as he always dreamed.Six months later, he meets her again at a DJ competition in Mumbai, which he has just lost, yet again. Before you know it, they're in a relationship (they start with some casual dating, where they end up making fun of each other. Sid is short and Trisha is a typical "delhi" girl) (They both think they wont last as a couple beyond a month), and three years have passed. Trisha thinks she is ready for marriage, and gets down on her knee to propose to Sid. Sid suffering from the typical commitment phobia, is at a loss for a reasonable answer. Nanu also tells Sid that Trisha is not going to abandon her training "investment" in Sid for the last 3 yrs. Sid's mother advises him to marry Trisha asap, as she is taller and at least the kids will be of good height.Anjali (Dracula) (Suchitra Pillai-Malik) is Trisha's friend who hates Sid. Sid tries to win the argument with Trisha, but she ends up crying. In a bid to not lose her, Sid finds himself engaged.But along with the engagement comes a new set of problems - such as shopping for furniture for their home, thinking about kids (and their names. Trisha is upset when Trisha thinks he is not ready to have kids) engagement rings (Shalini wanted Sid to buy an expensive ring, but Trisha had said that she will wear whatever Sid buys. So Sid buys a practical, cheaper engagement ring. This makes Trisha upset and she returns to the store to exchange the ring for an expensive one), and more importantly facing the father of the bride! The father Retd. Major Gen. Veera Bhadra Mallik (Sharat Saxena) has more than one problem with Sid. He doesn't have a future (as a DJ), he earns a lot less than Trisha, and he doesn't seem responsible enough. Sid spends the night at Major Mallik's house, sleeping on his sofa (with a plastic sheet on it).. The next morning Mallik wakes him up really early and takes him jogging. Mallik tries to talk Sid out of marrying Trisha and the same afternoon he takes everyone to meet Vivek (who has just returned from US and has become the youngest COO in all of AP).. at a game of golf, Mallik needles Sid to play and Sid doesn't hit the ball, and his club flies out of his hand and into Mallik carOver an altercation Sid has with Mr Mallik (Sid tells Trisha that her dad cant accept whats happening in her life and Mallik counters that Sid cant understand the role of a father as his own dad abandoned his family when he was a kid), the couple break up. Vivek, Trisha's ex-husband-to-be, is waiting in the wings, to help her broken heart mend. Sid on the other hand, finds himself being wooed by item girl, Tanya (Sophie Choudry), star of the 'Baby Girl vol. 3' video. Sid had run into Tanya at Nanu's bar where he was DJing. Tanya wants Sid to help her produce her next dance video. Tanya asks Sid to come up to her place for "coffee" and he refuses. Nanu is really angry at Sid for passing up on this chance. The next time Sid takes the invite and goes for coffee, but he gets psyched out and cant go through with it.. Shalini finds out and tells Sid that he has to be friends with Trisha, before he can have "coffee" with anyone else..After a few amusing run-ins (Sid tries to figure out how much has Trisha shopped for (Rs 10500) to get over him), an attempt to be just-friends (Sid visits Trisha on her birthday only to find that Vivek has thrown a big party for her. Trisha tells Sid that she is marrying Vivek in a month) (Sid proposes a dinner between the 4 of them.. its a disaster as Tanya starts choking on her food and Vivek saves her life with the Heimlich maneuver), and a sad-song ("Jaane Kya" sung by Zubin), Sid, finally realizes, thanks to his mother, that his commitment phobia is the result of a childhood scar. His father abandoned Sid and his mother, when Sid was very young. His mother reassures him, that he is nothing like his father, and would make a great husband. Tanya tells Sid that he can never have coffee with anyone other than Trisha, as he is totally committed to her. But it's too late, Trisha has already agreed to marry Vivek.This leads him to Trisha's dear friend Anjali (Suchitra Pillai), who reminds him of Dracula because she always attacks him, for making Trisha unhappy. She helps him crash Trisha's wedding party (by smuggling him inside a big box furniture). The climax builds up, as Sid's job involves not just convincing Trisha that his hang-ups have abated, but also avoid a deadly confrontation with Trisha's father. Trisha wants Sid to make her run away from the wedding, but then she has to take charge as "Mumbai" boys are useless and cant even run away a bride from her wedding. This movie appears to be based on the Hollywood movie High Fidelity High Fidelity (film).
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