Ranah 3 Warna (2021)

8.7 10 150
Ranah 3 Warna (2021)
Opis: Alif has just graduated from Pondok Madani. With a bubbling spirit, he went home to Maninjau and could not wait to go to college. However, his best friend, Randai, has a doubt that Alif could pass the college entrance test. Then, he realizes that he does not have Certificate of Senior High School. He brakes down his obstacles. He earns the certificate and passes the test in Padjadjaran University. Alif who lives with Randai (who passes in Bandung Institute of Technology) experiences another obstacle. He is almost discouraged due to the death of his father. Alif is tightening his belt. He almost gives up. Apparently, the spell "man jadda wa jada" (he who gives his all will surely succeed) is insufficiently powerful to win a life. Alif recalls the second spell taught in Pondok Madani: "man shabara zhafira" (he who is patient will be fortunate). Armed with both spell, he is ready to face each 'storm' in his life. Including the storm in his heart, Raisa, the girl who is also close to Randai.
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