Rather (2023)

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Rather (2023)
Opis: From the front lines of the Civil Rights movement to JFK's assassination, from Watergate to Abu Ghraib, Dan Rather is who America turned to for the truth. For decades, his voice provided the steady drumbeat of reason for an entire nation. In today's turbulent times, with threats to journalism and our democracy more prevalent than ever, Dan Rather remains the resounding voice of resistance, with millions reading and sharing his posts on social media. This unprecedented feature-length documentary event weaves the past, present and future of journalism as it delves into the hidden history of the man behind the news. We will revisit Dan Rather's 60+ years as a journalist with full unrestricted access, and offer an unfiltered look at both his esteemed career and his present renaissance as one of the last beacons of quality reporting. RATHER is a candid, personal and urgent look at the world of journalism and the essential role it plays in preserving a thriving democracy through the lens of one of its greatest and most iconic figures. The story has never been more important for a generation thirsting for legitimate journalism in the era of "fake news."
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