Revenge: A Love Story (2010)

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Revenge: A Love Story (2010)
Opis: The Rainy season, the days were especially darker, the city seemed to be enveloped by a skin of dust. The Police discovered two homicide cases involving pregnant women. The media widely reported the incident because of the similarities of the two cases: Pregnant woman dissected alive, husband put to death in 100 degree of boiling water. The media nicknamed the cases: The Dissector The Police combed the areas nearby the murder scenes to look for the assailant! Led by undercover detectives Jeff and Kwok Wah they set up roadblocks to catch the suspect! The original 5 member undercover detective team has now become 2 with Du Ge their leader leaving the force more than 6 months ago! They detain a suspect at the roadblock..Chan Kit Chan Kit remains silent throughout the brutal interrogation. Another murder occurs. A pregnant girl named Cheung Wing is dissected alive, same as the first two cases. Cheung Wing survives after 10 hrs in the intensive care unit. The name of the assailant is close at handthe city waits. But to the surprise of allits not Chan Kitjeff and Kowk Wah are adamant that its him but have no evidence and is forced to release Chan Kit. They too are also relieved of their duty! Jeff and Kwok Wah contacts Du Ge their ex-boss to find a way to quell the situation! Chan Kit and Cheung Wing are destined to be together but Jeff, Kwok Wah and Du Ge are destined to find them. Pain once again has been brought back, hatred once again. has been aroused
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