Right Here, Right Now (2023)

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Right Here, Right Now (2023)
Opis: Britain's biggest free party with 250,000 ravers on Brighton beach; this is the inside story of Fatboy Slim's legendary and notorious BBBII. Right Here, Right Now takes us back to 2002 and an extraordinary moment in time. The Big Beach Boutique II was a turning point in dance music, live events and British cultural history. With the iconic Fatboy Slim as DJ, 40,000 ravers were expected on the beach in Brighton that day. When more than a quarter of a million turned up, chaos ensued. 20 years on, this film tells the story of the epic event through moving interviews, exhilarating archive and visual alchemy. It captures the hedonism of the late 90s and early 00s and the last hurrah of the rave movement before it ascended from the underground to the mainstream. It also explores the disobedience, disorganisation, danger and jeopardy of the huge rave, and the slightly weird turn-of-the-century pop politics in play. This momentous event defined a generation and it will never happen again.
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