Robbie Williams Live at Knebworth (2003)

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Robbie Williams Live at Knebworth (2003)
Opis: Release Date: 24 November 2003Filmed over three sun-drenched days at Knebworth, What We Did Last Summer invites you to re-live the music event of 2003 from the comfort of your own living room!From Robbie's Houdini-style arrival on stage singing Let me Entertain You through to the emotional sing-a-long finale of Angels, the DVD features the concert in its entirety.Extras include the 15-minute documentary, Moments of Mass Distraction - a behind-the-scenes look at one of the biggest events in music history, which follows the nerves, tension and excitement of being backstage of Robbie's groundbreaking Knebworth dates!Covering the build-up to the big event and providing an overall view of the complex preparations involved, the documentary features Robbie scared like he's 'never been scared before" like Frank Bruno must've felt that time he came out against Tyson".With additional appearances from friend and pianist Max Beesley and best mate Jonny Wilkinson, we get a sneaky peel at the band members in make-up, their nervous joviality capturing the enormity of the occasion and the sheer scale of Knebworth as such a prodigious music event! Chart Highlights:What We did Last Summer became not only the fastest-selling music DVD of all time, but also the highest-selling, shadowing the previous record-holder, Live At The Albert!Storming the charts throughout Europe, claiming the No.1 spot in Norway, Germany, and UK, it was also a huge hit in Australia going straight in at No.4, before hitting the No.1 spot and staying in the Top 40 for more than 93 weeks.
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