Rodan (1956)

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Rodan (1956)
Opis: In the small town of Kitamatsu, strange things begin to happen when one of the shafts at the coal mine goes deeper than any other shaft they have there. First, a flood happens and when safety engineer Shigeru Kimura goes to investigate, he is horrified to find one miner dead and his friend Goro missing. Soon more bodies turn up and the main suspect is Goro. However, one night while Shigeru is visiting his fiancée Kiyo, Goro's sister, a giant caterpillar like monster crashes through her house. Immediately, the authorities realize that Goro is not to blame but the monsters are. Shigeru and the authorities then go back in the mine and track down the monster. While in the mine, they also find Goro's body and while they attempt to free Goro's body, a landslide occurs trapping Shigeru in an adjoining cavern. A few days later Shigeru is found but he is in a state of shock caused by the fact that he saw an even more terrible creature, a flying reptile called Rodan, hatch from its egg. Soon the world finds out about the creature and the world is now on alert as they await for this terrible monster to attack.—Brian Washington
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