Root of the Problem (2019)

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Root of the Problem (2019)
Opis: Having grown up in a family where money was always an issue, Paul Campbell is determined not to be in that same situation now that he is married to housewife Grace Campbell, they with two teenage offspring, Kari Campbell and Landon Campbell. As a real estate agent, Paul is the top seller at his company, but is so in employing cosmetic or band-aid solutions to larger problems which he does not disclose to the prospective buyers, and spending all his time on the job at the expense of quality family time or doing other things that do not add to that money earning potential. Regardless, Paul and Grace, in pinching every penny, are just making ends meet, Grace and the kids who just want them to save for a long talked about family vacation. When Grace's wealthy Uncle John passes away, he who Paul has always admired in being self-made in his wealth, Paul believes they have it made in the expectation that they will inherit much of if not all Uncle John's estate. They learn not only that Uncle John has instead donated all his money to a children's charity that was started by Grace's family, including his house which Paul is to act as the selling agent with his commission also going to the charity, but that all Uncle John has left them is a potted plant along with a somewhat cryptic message associated to it. While Grace accepts the inheritance in the love that was intended by Uncle John, Paul is totally deflated, he contemplating trashing the plant in his anger, until he eventually learns the source of Uncle John's wealth which is tied directly to that plant, something he doesn't tell Grace or anyone else. But Paul will learn that too much of a good thing has its downside, especially as, blinded by the wealth, he is unable to see the larger picture of all that can be accomplished instead of just lining his own pocket with big boy toys.
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