Saaya (1989)

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Saaya (1989)
Opis: Supriya and Rakesh are happily married with their daughter Mini a jail convict Rakesh escapes from prison and tries to kill Supriya in her self deference she sets him on fire leading to his death.Supriya is trailed in court where she revels flashback how she met Rakesh who was a good photographer but realized he had no good intentions and hypnotized her by using his black magic powers and tried to rape her she further finds that he is also a psycho path.Rakesh further with his black magic powers tried to make Supriya his and kill all the ones who come in his way during this times she is saved by Superintendent of police Ravi and further they get married after Rakesh was jailed.The court acquits Supriya as she attacked him in self defense but Rakesh's soul stars to haunt Supriya ,Ravi and their daughter.—[email protected]
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