Savage Pampas (1965)

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Savage Pampas (1965)
Opis: In charge of a small frontier garrison outpost in turn-of-the-century Argentina dominated by dangerous Indians and marauding gangs of bandits, Captain Martín finds himself with his back to the wall. On the one hand, the local Indian tribes are on the warpath; on the other hand, his mortal enemy, Padrón, is enticing Martín's men with the only thing they are lacking and missing the most: the company of women. To turn the tables on Padrón, Captain Martín makes a morale-boosting decision and enlists the help of a handful of prostitutes to hang out with the soldiers. Now the men must escort the ladies back to the fort, confronting the Indians and Padrón's men. Can they survive the savage Pampas?—Nick Riganas
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