Saving Notre-Dame (2020)

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Saving Notre-Dame (2020)
Opis: In early morning hours of April 16, 2019, Paris wakes up in tears. The night before, Notre-Dame de Paris was burning at her very heart. The world, united in grief and in solidarity reacted with shock, horror and prayers as a massive fire ripped through this legendary monument. 'Saving Notre-Dame' is an hour-long special show which recorded the immediate aftermath of this tragedy. For one year, our team was entrusted with a special task: to recorded on a daily basis this race against time. With special access on-site, we are embedded with the architects, archaeologists, engineers, and all the highly skilled craftsmen qualified with the specific know-how needed to prevent the cathedral from collapsing. 'Saving Notre-Dame' captures unique human stories facing extreme situations and bears witness to the progress and challenges of this once in a life mission.—Terranoa
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