Sewu Dino (2023)

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Sewu Dino (2023)
Opis: Sri is a young woman who lives in poverty. She only lives with her seriously ill father who requires expensive medical treatment. Sri's daily life is spent working for Yu Minah. However, the income from her job is not enough to cover the cost of living or her father's medication. A new opportunity finally comes when the Atmodjo family offers Sri a job with a high salary. Sri is asked to work for the Atmodjo family because she was born on a Friday Kliwon. However, the reason is suspicious, as is the type of job which remains a mystery. Nevertheless, Sri accepts the offer due to her difficult situation. She is recruited to work with two other women, Erna and Dini. They are taken to a hidden hut in the middle of the forest, where they are assigned to bathe Della Atmodjo, the granddaughter of Karsa Atmodjo. Della has been unconscious for a considerable amount of time due to the "kutukan sewu dino" or a thousand-day curse. This makes the three realize that the Atmodjo family has trapped them. Sri soon realizes that Erna and Dini were also born on Friday Kliwon. The situation becomes even more complicated as they have to take care of Della, who is confined in a coffin. Sri, Dini, and Ema then face various mystical terrors while staying at the house. They also discover that they are involved in a mystical agreement. Their lives are even threatened if they dare to escape before the agreement ends on the 1,000th day.
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