Sex and the Single Girl (1964)

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Sex and the Single Girl (1964)
Opis: Those at Stop Magazine pride themselves in how depraved their minds and thus their associated articles are. The more depraved the articles, the higher the readership. The head depravee is its managing editor, Bob Weston. Bob is most proud of a recent cover story they ran on "Sex and the Single Girl" author, twenty-three year old Dr. Helen Gurley Brown, the story questioning her own sexual experience or lack thereof. Helen prides herself on being both a noted academic and a doctor who gives practical, sage and useful advice for the single woman, and as such detests the story for what it's done to her reputation - and that of the institute for which she works - and her now dwindling patient base. Bob wants to do a follow-up article with information straight from her mouth, but knows that Dr. Brown obviously won't agree to the story or grant an interview. So Bob poses as a patient, specifically using his always bickering but in love neighbor Frank Broderick, a hosiery manufacturer, as a cover. The nature of Frank's arguments with his wife Sylvia Broderick stem from Sylvia's jealousy since Frank is always looking at other women's legs, which Frank counters is only a professional interest. As Helen's sessions progress with Bob posing as Frank, Helen starts to fall in love with him, and Bob starts to fall in love with her. As such, Bob may have second thoughts about doing the story, which may put him at odds with the Chief, his editor and publisher. Complications ensue when Helen wants to speak with Sylvia, who has no idea what Bob is doing. As Helen does manage to contact Sylvia, Bob tries to conjure up a fake Sylvia of his own. Throw in a couple of cabbies who are working on their own agendas and a highway patrolman who just can't seem to pick up any speed and the misunderstandings between Bob, Helen, Frank and Sylvia start to pile up, as do the traffic incidents.—Huggo
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