Shangri-La Suite (2016)

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Shangri-La Suite (2016)
Opis: Otherwise known as "Kill the King," "Shangri-La Suite" begins with a narration explaining that the film is based on accounts of the lives of runaway couple Karen Bird and Jack Blueblood. Karen Bird was born as a "healthy" baby in the Appalacian mountains whereas Jack Blueblood was born as a "half-breed" in an Indian reservation in South Dakota. Jack's father was a Lakota Sioux who became very angry and abusive of his young son since Jack's mother, an Irish Catholic, died in childbirth delivering Jack. In his drunken fits, Jack's father would beat Jack savagely with a belt and blame him for the death of his beloved wife, nearly every day. Karen on the other hand lived a healthy life, her only problem being her aversion to church and CCD, as well as her obsession with guns. Jack was given his mother's records and grew a loving for Elvis Presley, a hot new singer. Years later, the two met at a rehabilitation center in Floodwood Michigan. Karen had been sent there by her parents when she dropped out of High School due to her struggles with nicotine and vodka. Jack was sent there by the state for his drug addiction and obsession for Elvis. Jack was prescribed electro-shock therapy at double the voltage.Jack and Karen wander into one another in the halls and he hides in a bathroom to avoid security guards who take delight in beating him. Karen gives away his hiding place and he confronts her about it meaning to threaten her. However, she instead is unswayed and takes a liking to him. The two begin a passionate relationship. Dr, Gordon, Karen's psychiatrist warns Karen against Jack Blueblood, telling her of his obsession with Elvis which Karen is unfazed by. It is revealed that Jack had once accidentally listened to one of Elvis's records backwards and thought he heard his mother tell him to "kill Elvis." Karen tells Jack that her dream is to step into the Pacific ocean one day. Jack tells her that he has dreams of leading Elvis to the righteous path to salvation, if so by killing him. After being separated from Karen by the security guards and electro-shocked beyond toleration, Jack snaps when Karen comes to his room, weeping and telling him that Dr. Gordon molested her. Jack kills an abusive security guard and shoots Dr. Gordon to death saying, "I think that therapy is working out real great." He frees all the patients and escapes down the road with Karen, after raiding Nash's inventory of drugs.The two consummate their relationship and drive off down the road in a hot rod. A psychologist, Dr. Nash identifies as to why Jack acted the way he did, but cannot understand how Karen Nash would throw away everything she had to join a killer. Meanwhile, a depressed Elvis Presley, at age 39 has lost his charm and feeling of youth. He hopes to resign his status, but cannot due to his contracts, obligations, and fans. He struggles with his inspiration, weight, voice, and violent outbursts. Jack and Karen drive to Blackwater reservation where they meet Jack's friend T-Joe who dreams to one day be a transsexual. Jack goes to gain T-Joe's stash of money to finance their journey.However, when Jack learns that T-Joe bought Estrogen pills for his "operation." An enraged Jack has no choice but to go to his father's home and take his family money to finance their trip. Reluctantly he arrives at his father's home and pounds on the door.His father answers but refuses to let him in. Jack breaks down the door and sees that his father has already called the police. Jack states, "I don't want any trouble" to which his father coldly states, "You've been trouble since the day you were born." In a violent outburst, Jack shoots his father in the stomach, regretting his action immediately. Karen rushes in and tries to help Jack's father but can do nothing. Jack collects his money. Jack and his father come to a mutual understanding of one another before Jack's father dies peacefully. T-Joe begs to be taken to Los Angeles with Jack and Karen, and Jack reluctantly agrees. They are attacked and chased by the county police but Jack manages to kill one of them and strand the other squad car. The couple becomes well known as "lovers, dreamers, serial killers" by the News.Upon learning that his client is suffering a nervous breakdown for his upcoming concert, Colonel Tom Parker goes to LA to speak with Elvis and protect his investments. Elvis expresses his loss of zeal though his concert begins in 2 days. He explains to the Colonel that he was once "the brightest star that ever did shine" but is not any longer. He desires to quit but the Colonel convinces him not to, and instead take time off after the concert with his daughter Louise and his wife. Elvis reluctantly agrees, struggling extensively with depression. Jack, Karen, and T-Joe meet up with a man who once worked at Elvis' convention. The man explains that once his did hate Elvis but now has forgiven him, only for Jack to pull a gun on him and force the truth from him. The man tells Jack where Elvis is staying for the concert in Beverly Canyon hotel in the Woodrow Wilson Suite, before telling Jack that Elvis is now just a "sad lonely man."Throughout the journey to LA, Karen grows less fond of Jack and his decisions. She walks out on him only for Jack and T-Joe to be attacked by a squad car. Jack manages to kill one of the officers but T-Joe is shot many times by the sheriff. The sheriff gains the upper hand and prepares to kill Jack but Karen shoots the sheriff with a rifle, realizing how much of a killer she is like Jack. T-Joe dies of his wounds and is burned on a funeral pyre by Jack. Jack and Karen arrive at LA where they stay at the Shangri-la Suite. While there, Karen tells Jack that she is pregnant with their child and that she must now leave Jack as she will only slow him down. The two part ways tearfully and Jack enters the hotel where Elvis is staying. Karen goes to the beach and walks along the pacific ocean, meeting with a little girl on the beach who unbeknownst to her, is Elvis' daughter.Jack enters the Woodrow Wilson suite after killing the doorman. Elvis is shown in the bathroom, struggling with deep depression and contemplating suicide via overdose. Jack holds many of Elvis' staff at gunpoint, including the Colonel, shouting for Elvis. Elvis appears with a pistol and shoots Jack fatally, killing him. The incident is covered up to protect Elvis' reputation and Elvis appears on concert with the proud Colonel standing by. The attack on him by Jack Blueblood becomes an urban legend. Karen steals a car and leaves LA. She lives the rest of her life aimlessly and disappears.
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