She Beast (1966)

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She Beast (1966)
Opis: Vardella, a witch who was improperly killed in the late 18th century, vows to return and kill those involved with her prosecution. In the current day Romania, a newlywed couple gets lost and ends up in the same Transylvanian village where the earlier events occurred. After the hotel owner spies on them making love, they leave town hurriedly. The steering mechanism of their car goes amiss and they plunge into a lake. The groom escapes unharmed, but the bride reappears as the apparently dead body of the witch. The local Count Von Helsing, displaced from his castle into a cave, agrees to help the groom exorcise the witch and bring his wife back. Things get complicated when the local police accuse the groom of murdering his wife. Their case falls apart, however, when Von Helsing steals the body the body the police are holding and wakes it up. Then it is a wild goose chase until the groom and Von Helsing can properly put an end to the witch. As the witch is drowned for good in the lake, the bride floats to the surface gasping for breath.—Garon Smith
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