Smooch (2011)

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Smooch (2011)
Opis: Spoiled, bore English true aristocratic prince Percy/Flynn grudgingly comes to San Francisco to perform his vital duty: preparing to wed a ducal family's suitable daughter with crucial dowry. Seeking solace in nocturnal pub life after the drudgery of formalities, he ends up mugged and dumped in a pond near the Golden gate bridge, causing amnesia. He gets found and taken home by dreamy fatherless brat school girl Zoe Cole, who believes him to be the fairy tale prince created by her kissing 'to human life' the frog she saved from dissection and smuggled out of school. She drags Percy into her favorite children books series as the clumsy knightly her Flynn, and gets him engaged by her careerist mother Gwen as ideal gentleman-'babysitter'-housekeeper. This taste of commoner life helps Percy put things in perspective before his trusty butler Wilkins, who observed approvingly, even amused, takes him back to aristocratic reality.—KGF Vissers
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