So This Is Paris (1926)

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So This Is Paris (1926)
Opis: To relieve the boredom of their marriage, Georgette and Maurice Lalle, a young dancing team, are constantly on the alert for new flirtations. One morning, Dr. Paul Giraud comes to their apartment with the intent of thrashing Maurice with his cane for entrancing his wife Suzanne by practicing in front of the open window, but his temper quickly cools as he recognizes Georgette as a former sweetheart, and he tells Suzanne a fantastic story to cover his flirtation with Georgette. Maurice, however, returns the doctor's cane, begins a counter flirtation with Suzanne and tells her about her husband's philandering. Driving to meet Georgette, Giraud is arrested for speeding. Meanwhile, Maurice visits Suzanne, but when officers come to take the doctor to jail, Maurice declares he is Dr. Giraud to save Suzanne's reputation. Suzanne hears on the radio that Georgette and Giraud have won a Charleston contest at the ball, where, upon going to the ball, she finds the doctor intoxicated. After a number of amusing tiffs, Georgette finds a new admirer, and the couple is reconciled.
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