Station to Station (2021)

4.9 10 128
Station to Station (2021)
Opis: Matters of identity, personal expression, and belonging were never simple for Tom Ryan, the boundary-pushing, David Bowie-obsessed son of a housekeeper in New York's tony Hamptons. But when the revelation of a long-held secret shatters his sense of self, Tom flees to the electric anonymity of Las Vegas to forget. There, an intriguing stranger offers him the ultimate opportunity for distraction, and Tom is launched headfirst into a 20-something's playground: a charged, stimulating world of indulgence, adulation, and exhibition, while making unexpected connections with a new "found" family of choice. But when Tom's new world starts to come apart from within (in a harrowing series of third-act events, each with Tom at the center) he soon learns how the things we leave unresolved in life find ways to force their own resolution. STATION TO STATION is the debut film from Asian- and African-American writer-director Benjamin Bryant. Set in a uniquely 21st-century environment, the film explores our rapidly evolving perceptions and conventions of family, friendship, gender roles, sexuality, and self-determination--probing, and often challenging, the assumptions and judgments we (both the characters and the audience) make about ourselves and each other.—Bryant Zamberlan Group
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