Stop the Wedding (2016)

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Stop the Wedding (2016)
Opis: After knowing each other for only one month, retired Seattle art teacher Belle Colton, a spinster, and Hollywood movie star Sean Castleberry decide to get married, the wedding to be in two weeks. They met as he, in town to film a movie, rented the house next to hers. Belle's niece, Anna Colton, who Belle raised after Anna's father, Belle's older brother, passed away, and Sean's son, Clay Castleberry, are incredulous about the news. Anna, a San Francisco based divorce lawyer who met Sean at the same time Belle did, believes Sean will eventually break Belle's heart. The combination of Sean being twice married, a Hollywood movie star and having that seeming entitled attitude on that first meeting lead to Anna believing he a Lothario. In addition, Anna, married at age nineteen and divorced within weeks of the wedding, does now not believe one can truly know another person in such short a time. Clay, a Boston based orthopedic surgeon, believes Anna, without having even met her, is a gold-digger. Clay's cautious attitude about any woman after any man in their family stems from his own failed engagement, his ex-fiancée who was more interested in marrying the son of a movie star and being a Mrs. to a doctor than she was in Clay as a person. Despite it not being a good time for either Anna or Clay - she having just opened her own law firm and having an important client which could cement or break the firm's reputation, and he slated to give a keynote address at a prestigious medical conference in Miami - they both decide to place their professional life on hold to head to Seattle immediately to confront the bride and groom respectively. Anna and Clay's feelings about the wedding are exacerbated by their initial antagonistic meeting which happens before even knowing who the other is. But Anna and Clay are able to put their antagonism for each other aside to focus on a common goal: to stop the wedding. Beyond the primary reasons, Anna and Clay may have grounds for concern as Belle and Sean are like night and day: Belle is an outdoorsy person who would like to live on a ranch, while Sean likes the pampered lifestyle of the Hollywood elite. Anna and Clay ultimately coming to the conclusion that Belle and Sean really do care for each other does not lessen their concerns about the wedding. But in seeing that true love can flourish in such a short amount of time leads to both Anna and Clay looking at the other in a more romantic light. But a happy end for Belle and Sean, and Anna and Clay are not a guarantee due to the differences that exist within each couple, and for Anna and Clay the view of the world of divorce within which Anna lives.—Huggo
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