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Supercroc (2007)
Opis: A small group of soldiers is sent north of L.A. to find (and presumably destroy) a giant crocodile which lives in a lake. Why is the beast there? We don't know. And we won't know. After the first group is annihilated by the beast, another team is sent in the same location, and pretty much winds up like the first team. Meanwhile, some military "intelligence" (no, seriously... THAT is the intelligence? We're all doomed) keep an eye on the beast. Maybe. After an incredible chain of boring events, the crocodile comes out of the lake, eats someone (I guess - the crocodile seems to like walking and nothing much), and then finally heads to Los Angeles in pursuit of some of its eggs that have been taken away from its nest. Lack of action ensues. But at least at the end, the movie is over. And we are happy. Now, there is a hint of a possible "Supercroc 2." Now, if you love mankind, and the preservation of brain cells, start a petition to prevent this catastrophic event to happen.
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