Synapses (2019)

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Synapses (2019)
Opis: There are many problems in the Zhang family, but one eventful summer changes many things. Zhang Junxiong is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and that weighs heavily on his wife Wang Feng and the rest of the family. Zhang's daughter Xiao Meng is released on parole from a long prison term and struggles to reconnect with her illegitimate son Ah Chuan and her ex-boyfriend Ah Wen. A domestic crisis is narrowly averted when Zhang reconnects with his former aide-de-camp Cheng'en, a man for whom he has always harboured tender feelings. Paradoxically, the incident which does most to heal the family's wounds is the assassination of Ah Wen by a gangland rival. The Zhangs move to a new and better home. The young Ah Chuan is left pondering the meaning and value of memories.
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