Taeter City (2012)

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Taeter City (2012)
Opis: In a bleak distant future--after a prolonged crisis in the metropolis of Taeter City--the nefarious political figure known only as the "Authority" comes in to save the day, only to submit an entire nation to his police-enforced dictatorship. Now--by using a highly sophisticated mass-control technology, the Zeed System--the sadistic governor rules the town with an iron hand, forcing the city's scum and the future criminals to commit suicide with his powerful radio-wave emission. Then, nothing goes to waste. Under everyone's noses, the remaining corpses are recycled as food at the monopolised fast-food chain/slaughterhouse to nourish the starving masses. Up until now, the system proved to be infallible, bringing the crime rates in Taeter City next to zero; however, after a catastrophic malfunction, the ultimate mutation, Trevor Covalsky, emerges. Can the elite police squad, the "Bikers", clear the mess up?—Nick Riganas
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