Teenage Space Vampires (1999)

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Teenage Space Vampires (1999)
Opis: Everyone thinks horror-movie buff Bill Stenson [Robin Dunne] has seen one too many scifi films when he claims to have seen a UFO land in last night's freak lightning storm. Still, how do you explain the windowless metal dish flanked by two gargoyles that appeared just this morning in the empty lot next to Mr Danvers' house? Why has the government sent in a team of S.E.T.I. specialists to set up the old observatory? What is causing the two holes that are appearing on the necks of the Knollwood residents, and why are they all starting to act weird? [Well, except for Mrs Gibson, who always was a crotchety old sourpuss.]The next day, as the S.E.T.I. team (Hank, Mike, and Paula set up their equipment, Hank [James Kee] notices a hot spot on the geothermal scanner, and they go to investigate. Meanwhile, Bill stops to have another look at the UFO after delivering Mr Danvers' newspaper. As he reaches out to touch it, it suddenly begins to glow green, and Bill is knocked to the ground just as the S.E.T.I. team arrives. As Hank investigates the UFO, Mike [Liviu Lucaci] and Paula [Bianca Brad] go back to the van for their equipment. No one notices crotchety old Mrs Gibson until it's too late. When Hank goes to see what is holding up Mike and Paula, they are gone. When Hank races back to the observatory to check his geothermal scans, Mr Jonas [Servan Celea] from the Neighborhood Watch pays a visit. Just as he is about to bite Hank in the neck, Bill and his technogeek friend, Kevin James [Mak Fyfe], show up. Mr Jonas promises to catch them later and leaves. Bill notices the hot spot on Hank's geothermal screen and recognizes it as the old mine shaft. Legend has it that, back in the 1800s, coal miners found the largest diamond in the world. They dubbed it the "Light of the Moon" but, when they were transporting it to New York, it disappeared.Tomorrow is the big Knollwood/Huntsville soccer game. When Bill learns that the players and cheerleaders, including his sister Katie, are having a pregame party tonight near the old mine, he decides that he has to keep the kids from going into it. As he and Kevin guard the entrance, they are surprised to see Hank show up. Kevin volunteers to go for help, while Bill and Hank enter the mine. On the way back into town, Kevin is bitten by a vampire. While searching the mine, Bill and Hank come across a meeting of the vampires, led by Mr Danvers, while the Master, Vlathos from Lathos, watches. Danvers unites the "Light of the Moon" diamond with two lesser diamonds, and the light from the moon starts pouring down. The plan is to harvest the light from the sun and moon and plunge the earth into eternal darkness. Then shall the vampires feed. Knowing that they are outnumbered, Bill and Hank decide to call for help but, when Hank tries to phone out, all the telephone lines appear to be down. When he tries to drive out of Knollwood, he is stopped by Mr Jonas and his Neighborhood Watch deputy. Whatever is going on in Knollwood, it looks like Bill and Hank are on their own.It is the afternoon of the soccer game. While the fans cheer as the two teams play, Mr Danvers rallies his vampires and they begin biting the other players. Meanwhile, Hank and Bill constuct a series of reflecting mirrors out of plywood and tinfoil, which they use to divert the sunlight and shine it on Vlathos [Cosmin Sofron]. But the sun is setting fast. With no other option, Bill picks up the Light of the Moon diamond and smashes it on the floor. Vlathos burns up, and the vampire army turns back into humans. [Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl.]
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