Terror Is a Man (1959)

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Terror Is a Man (1959)
Opis: Synopsis for "Terror Is a Man" (video version is "Blood Creature.")When a man (William Fitzgerald)(Richard Derr) washes ashore in a lifeboat, he is rescued by Dr. Charles Girard (Francis Lederer) who is working on crossing a man with an animal on an island off the coast of Peru. Walter Perrera (Oscar Keesee) comes in to see how he is and is asked by the doctor if he has seen anything. He says no but he has heard a strange cry in the night that has been heard before. Dr. Girard tells Fitzgerald that they have no radio to contact anyone and that no other survivors have been found. Tiago the boy (Peyton Keesee) brings the man his supper and is told to stay with him. Dr. Girard talks with his wife Frances (Greta Thyssen) outside. She wants to abandon their work and leave, but he insists that he has come too far to give it up. She says she heard the animal crying like a human and knows it escaped. He says he will deal with it tomorrow.As Frances prepares for bed, the creature (Flory Carlos)is seen watching her through the window. Outside, the creature attacks a man sitting by a fire and then a girl who approaches, who screams. This alerts people in the village, who rush out to discover what has happened. Next they are seen leaving in a mass exit. A woman, Selene (Lilia Duran) tries to stop them from leaving along with Tiago (her brother), but to no avail.Later, Tiago visits Fitzgerald, who is up and feeling better, having shaved and dressed. Tiago says no one lives on the island but the doctor and his crew, which leaves Fitzgerald surprised. Wandering around the house, Fitzgerald sees Selene in one of the rooms and says hello. He finds a staircase going down below and ends up outside. Walking around, he finds a deserted village, the remnants of a fire still smoldering. He sees two fresh graves in a small cemetery. As he is walking farther, he hears the creature's footsteps crunching through the underbrush (the feet are seen). He steps out into a clearing where Dr. Girard, his wife and another man are working. He is cautioned about not stepping into a pit that has been dug and covered over. He is told there are three pits in the area. He is introduced to Frances, who says she is glad he is better. Dr. Girard tells him that meat has been put out for bait to catch an animal and they leave to go back.Back at the house, several toasts are made around a table. Walter eyes Selene as she serves drinks and then coffee. He rises to leave, saying that the animal should be caught soon. Fitzgerald tells Dr. Girard that at first he thought the doctor was a missionary.The doctor says the villagers left the night before because they are superstitious and fear an evil spirit. He explains that they misunderstand the experimental work that he is doing there.Outside that night, Fitzgerald tells Frances that the animal has apparently been caught. She tells him she would like to leave the island and asks for his help. At that moment someone comes, carrying a torch. They go back to the house and Frances goes to her room, refusing to open to her husband. Fitzgerald, intending to talk to the doctor about his wife, is interrupted by Dr. Girard, who tells him how important his work is here and that he came to the secluded island so he would not be bothered. Fitzgerald says he will turn in for the night and goes to his room.Hearing noises outside his window, Fitzgerald investigates. He goes downstairs where he sees the doctor with someone on a gurney covered by a sheet. Frances is assisting. He tells her the operation will not be tonight. When there is a power fluctuation, he sends his wife to see about it. Fitzgerald hides so they will not see him. She tells her husband that she will not be able to help him anymore tonight. He tells her to send for Walter. Fitzgerald has to hide again when the doctor wheels the patient out and into an adjoining room. As Fitzgerald stands near the gurney, the patient (creature) reaches out to grab him but he is just out of reach. Frances closes and locks the cell door, explaining to the patient "I'm sorry." Later that night, Fitzgerald hears someone outside his door. Frances goes to his room, but changes her mind and returns to her own room.The next day Fitzgerald sees Frances sunning herself by the shore and approaches to talk. He asks about Tiago's mother and she confirms that her name was Alicia and that she was the first victim of the animal. She tells him how disillusioned she has become in the two years since they came here. She asks for his help and he promises it. Lying down beside her, they kiss. This is observed by Walter.Back at the house, Walter, Fitzgerald and Frances talk as the men have a drink. Frances goes to her room and a drunken Walter talks to Fitzgerald about life on the island. Walter retires to his room as the rain begins. Fitzgerald sees an open door and enters, looking around. It is the doctor's office. On his desk are books and drawings showing transformations between animals and man. At this point the doctor enters and begins talking about his work. Fitzgerald shows an interest and is invited to attend surgery the next day. As he is going to his room, he is cautioned by Dr. Girard to not take Frances' claims of fear too seriously.That night the rain draws Frances outside to watch. Selene is seen meeting with her lover, one of the men who assists the doctor. Fitzgerald comes out and makes conversation with Frances. Meanwhile, the doctor with his patient examines x-rays of the skull. Fitzgerald retires to his room but leaves the door open. Frances enters and he closes the door. They embrace and kiss. The doctor calms the patient who cries out in pain.Next morning at breakfast table, Tiago gives Fitzgerald a good luck charm. Frances comes in and Fitzgerald tries to talk to her about what happened between them last night. She says not now. The doctor comes in and says that Fitzgerald will be assisting him in surgery and that Frances won't be needed. He asks for Walter, whom Fitzgerald tells him is sleeping one off. They go downstairs and the doctor gives the patient a shot. They help it onto the gurney and enter the operating room. As the doctor scrubs up, he tells Fitzgerald to secure the hand straps on the patient. Fitzgerald does so, noticing cat-like whiskers protruding from the bandaged head of the patient. Walter enters and is told to scrub up. Surgery begins as another shot is given the patient. As the surgeon begins his incision a bell rings (this is a gimmick the movie promises when a shocking scene is to begin) After surgery is complete, the doctor is seen stitching up the patient. Fitzgerald goes upstairs and Tiago asks if he still has the good luck charm. He pulls it out and shows it to him. Tiago says he will need it. Fitzgerald heads upstairs and sees Frances coming out of her room dressed for surgery. He tries to talk to her but she brushes him off, saying she must help her husband clean up. Entering the operating room, she offers to clean up so he can leave. The doctor tells Walter that Mrs. Girard will clean up and leaves. Walter approaches Frances, telling her he is interested in helping her escape the island, hinting that he saw her and Fitzgerald on the beach. He tells her Fitzgerald will not help her because he is helping her husband. He comes on to her despite her protests and there is a struggle. The patient reacts when Frances is attacked (knowing Frances has been sympathetic to it). Walter sees the patient struggling and straps it down. Frances tells Walter to never speak to her again and leaves. An angry Walter grabs a stick and beats the patient.Fitzgerald is walking around outside and comes upon Selene, who asks him if he is going to help Mrs. Girard leave. She tells him that she and her brother Tiago want to leave with them. When he asks why they don't like it there, she tells him there is only death there now. He notices a bruise on her arm and asks who did that to her. She refuses to say, denying that her boyfriend did it. At this point she runs away.Dr. Girard appears on the porch and says he wants to show something to Fitzgerald. They go into his office and he shows drawings of the creature from a black panther to a human form. Fitzgerald tells him there are laws against what he is doing, but Dr. Girard is interested in creating a new species of man who is not hung up like all men before him. He tells him nothing will stop him from continuing his work.In the operating room, the doctor raises the gurney to a standing position. He begins speaking to the patient, trying to get him to say the word "man." After a few tries, the patient seems to speak a word. When Walter enters the room, the patient grows agitated and the doctor gets a syringe. He tells the two men to go upstairs. Trying to calm his patient, he talks to it. The patient goes crazy, smashing all the equipment and the surgical light. Upstairs Fitzgerald calls for Tiago to bring a torch, which he lights. Walter takes the torch and goes into the operating room. In the struggle he sets the patient's bandages on fire. Screaming, the patient runs in terror and falls to the ground. The doctor and his wife cover it with a blanket to extinguish the flames.While the doctor tries to attend to the patient, Walter tells Frances that she is crazy as her husband is. He becomes agitated and says he will have to do something before they are all killed. Fitzgerald says what will he do, get drunk? Walter is insulted and smarts off, prompting Fitzgerald to punch him. Falling down, Walter gets up and produces a gun from a drawer and points it at him. Don't be stupid, Fitzgerald tells him. He says he is not stupid but he will deal with Fitzgerald later. First he is going downstairs.In the operating room, the doctor begins removing more of the bandages. Breaking loose, the creature cuts the power and attacks. Upstairs, Fitzgerald calls for candles. Frances says she has some in her room. In the darkness she has trouble finding them. She finds one and they try to light it in the dark unsuccessfully. She cries and he tries to comfort her, telling her they will escape tomorrow. As he pledges his love, she says she loved her husband for many years and can't deal with failure. She tells him to leave her alone and goes out into the hall. At this point the creature is seen and Frances screams and goes back into her room. The creature goes down the hall as lightning and thunder are striking outside. Tiago comes in as Frances and Fitzgerald come out into the hall. The doctor emerges from downstairs and tells them Walter is dead. He instructs Tiago to get flashlights and equipment to search for the creature. Girard insists that Fitzgerald help him capture the creature before he gets far. They get the equipment and go out.Frances tells Tiago to help secure doors and windows. Looking out a window, Tiago sees the creature outside. He goes out to look for it. Selene comes out and begins calling for Tiago. The creature approaches her and puts its paw/hand on her mouth. Frances closes her window and comes out to call for Tiago and Selene. As she comes out on the porch, she sees the body of Selene on the ground. Fearful, she enters and closes the doors. Soon the creature appears and she locks herself in her room. The creature breaks down the door and comes in. Frances screams and the two men hear it from outside. They turn back for the house. Seeing Selene on the ground, Fitzgerald examines her and says she is dead. He picks her up and carries her inside. Dr. Girard says to search the rooms. Finding her room empty, he believes the creature has gone out the back way. As the men go back outside, the creature is seen carrying Frances. They follow and separate. Dr. Girard sees the creature carrying Frances and approaches as they come to a cliff side. Fitzgerald sees them and hurries. The doctor tries to talk to the creature, who cries pitifully. Scratching the doctor's face, the creature picks him up and throws him off the cliff. Fitzgerald fires a shot at the creature, who stumbles off. Wandering along the shoreline, the wounded creature moans and is approached by Tiago who offers his hand. Fitzgerald and Frances run to the beach where Tiago is standing alone. Where is the boat, Fitzgerald asks. Tiago tells him it is gone. Fitzgerald tells Frances it will soon be daylight as they walk along the beach.
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