The Angel Tree (2020)

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The Angel Tree (2020)
Opis: Rebecca McBride is a Los Angeles-based writer for Aspire, an on-line magazine. As a result of her article on her hometown's wish-granting Angel Tree, her editor promises her own byline if she identifies the mysterious wish-granting Angel for Christmas. To research the article, she needs to go home for the first time in 20 years. She reluctantly agrees, having lost faith in Christmas magic years before, when her tree wish to stay in Pine Riiver forever was not granted. She finds her childhood friend Matthew still behind the counter at his family diner. While she tries her best to track down the Angel, Matthew is right there protecting the identity. Her daughter Cassie accompanies her and bonds with Matthew's sister Zoe's son, Owen. She joins up with the town to grant the plethora of wishes including this one -- granting Zoe's son Owen his wish for his mom home for Christmas, even though deployed in South Korea as an Army Sergeant. Her ultimate article is a compromise that makes everyone happy -- both her editor and Matthew.
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