The Bodyguard (2023)

The Bodyguard (2023)
Opis: As the saying goes, you can be loved by few and hated by many. Candace Maxwell is one of many women who faces criticism for using social media to brand herself and create a life of luxury and fame. Stemming from beauty and confidence on the outside, she lacks inspiration and self-love on the inside. Struggling to cope with the latest threats coming from every direction, the young celebrity is subsequently hired a bodyguard by her fiancé. Who turns out to be so much more... And with friends like hers, who needs enemies? She will soon find that no one can be trusted in her circle, and that everything isn't as it appears to be. In this exciting, yet romantic tale of action, thrills and chills, there will be secrets revealed, lies uncovered, and true love embarked upon.—LaQuita Langhorn
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