The Butcher Boy (1917)

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The Butcher Boy (1917)
Opis: Fatty Arbuckle is a butcher boy working in a small town country store where they sell everything from frankfurters to fire escapes. He falls in love with the cashier, who is the daughter of the proprietor, and she, in return, has eyes for no one else. The careless clerk of the store resents the attentions being paid her by Fatty, and informs the old man. He keeps his "weather" eye on them both, and one day discovers Fatty sending her mental love messages, and forbids him to ever speak to her again. But Fatty is undaunted, and finds a way. Fatty also learns of the careless clerk's love for the girl, and when the latter objects to Fatty's love making they have a fight which ruins the store and ends in the old man sending the girl to a seminary. Fatty resolves to win the girl of his heart, and disguised as her cousin, gains admittance to the place, and, while having the time of his life, he is confronted with his hated rival, also dressed as a girl, who, with the village pest and another schemer, have decided to kidnap the daughter. "Luke" discovers the plot, and in his own particular way rounds the gang up, who are held at bay by the principal of the school while Fatty runs away with the girl to the nearest clergyman.—Moving Picture World synopsis
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