The Christmas Letter (2019)

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The Christmas Letter (2019)
Opis: Henry loves everything about Christmas and can't wait to post his letter to Santa up the chimney. Wanting everyone to share his excitement, he travels around his neighbourhood with his best friend, Frank the robin, putting up decorations. But when he comes to Miss Broom's house, she wants nothing to do with Christmas and shoos him away. Undeterred, Henry tries all sorts of ways to decorate the gloomy house, eventually sneaking down her chimney where he dislodges a charred and tatty old letter, caught in the loose brickwork, which turns out to be from a very young and lonely Miss Broom to Santa Claus asking for a friend to play with. Henry realises that Santa never received the letter, so Miss Broom never got a friend, which is why she has turned her back on the festivities. Henry, determined that it's not too late for Miss Broom to discover the magic of Christmas, sets out to put things right.
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