The Clock (1945)

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The Clock (1945)
Opis: With a two day pass, US Army Corporal Joe Allen of small town Mapleton decides to make his first ever trip to New York City, he learning his next assignment once he returns to base in Maryland. Upon his arrival at Penn Station on a Sunday early afternoon, Joe, who never did any travel before joining the military, is already so overwhelmed by the big city that he searches for someone, anyone, who can provide him advice on where to go and what to do and see, especially difficult with much closed on a Sunday. Although not stopping specifically to help him, who eventually does take enough time to give him more than a shrug of the shoulders or say a proverbial "hi" is secretary Alice Maybery, just returning to town after a weekend away, she having lived in the city now for thee years. Although slightly wary of spending time alone with a soldier she just met, Alice does allow Joe to accompany her to where she's going, their time together extended as both, especially Joe, doesn't want to say goodbye to the kind woman with who he has made an emotional connection. As the connection eventually happens to Alice, they both, as they get into one misadventure after another, have to figure out what this short time together means, it which has a predetermined maximum of just less than two days. Regardless of what they decide, "the system" and other circumstances may decide much of what happens for them.
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