The Co-Ed Killer: Mind of a Monster (2021)

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The Co-Ed Killer: Mind of a Monster (2021)
Opis: In 1972 Santa Cruz, Calif., police fear multiple serial killers are operating at the same time, as human remains wash upon the shores of the seaside community; victims include children, students, pedestrians and hitchhikers. The story and reality of Edmund Kemper, the "Co-Ed Killer" who appears to be a gentle giant who offers rides to young female hitchhikers but is actually a perverted monster with a tormented childhood and dark sexual fantasies. Part 1: Ed Kemper appears to be a gentle giant who offers rides to young female hitchhikers. But behind his charming smile lurks a perverted monster. Recorded audio confessions reveal the dark fantasies behind one of America's most notorious serial killers. Part 2: After killing his grandparents, 15-year-old Ed Kemper is sent away to a mental institution. There he uses his near-genius IQ to deceive psychiatrists. Once released, he finds himself surrounded by attractive co-eds, and his twisted fantasies return. Part 3: Fearing arrest, Kemper decides he must finally deal with his mother, bringing this story to a devastating finale; in custody, a psychiatrist gives Kemper a truth serum, which reveals his most horrifying secrets on tape. —Investigation ID
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